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State of Tech
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The State of Tech


Your Guide to the Rapidly Evolving Tech World by Ruud Hendriks

The technology world is evolving at a breathtaking pace, a rate that is almost impossible for many to keep up with. Startupbootcamp, with its database of nearly one million startups, is at the forefront of these developments, offering crucial insights into emerging trends.

Startupbootcamp: The Trend Forecaster in Tech

Each year, tens of thousands of startups apply for programs at Startupbootcamp, the largest accelerator outside the United States. Thanks to this vast database, Startupbootcamp can predict future tech trends with high accuracy. For instance, the organization warned as early as October 2019 about an impending pandemic, vaccine resistance, and the dangers of cybercrime.

Ruud Hendriks and the State of Tech

Ruud Hendriks, Chairman of Startupbootcamp, has been presenting the State of Tech since 2014. This is a unique and rapid overview of developments in sectors such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, climate change and sustainability. He has given this presentation in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, the United States and Australia.

Customized Presentations

Large enterprises use the State of Tech to stay up-to-date with developments they themselves cannot track. Upon request, Startupbootcamp and Ruud can create a presentation tailored specifically to your management team and clients. The full presentation contains hundreds of slides but Ruud usually selects a core presentation of 35 minutes and then answers questions from the audience.


If you wish to book Ruud for your event, please contact Linda Duursma at


Ruud Hendriks and Startupbootcamp offer the State of Tech as an indispensable guide to the rapidly changing technology world. From trend forecasting to customized presentations, they are your partners in understanding and navigating the tech landscape.

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