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Speeches & Testimonials

The State of Tech

Ruud has been presenting the State of Tech since 2014. This is a unique overview of developments in sectors such as artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, climate change and sustainability.

Large enterprises use the State of Tech to stay up-to-date with developments they themselves cannot track. Upon request, Startupbootcamp and Ruud can create a presentation tailored specifically to your management team and clients. The full presentation contains hundreds of slides but Ruud usually selects a core version of 35 minutes and then answers questions from the audience.

Walking the Tiger

Ruud Hendriks conducts many specialized training sessions for aspiring board members and non-executives, focusing on governance in startups and scale-ups. Contrary to the popular belief that overseeing smaller enterprises is simpler, Ruud emphasizes the complexities involved. During these sessions, he delves into the 40 most commonly mistakes made by startup founders and educates future board members on how to recognize them. Additionally, he provides an in-depth analysis of the legal aspects of governance.

Corporate Startup Engagement

In this presentation, Ruud Hendriks bridges the gap between startups and large enterprises, teaching them how to collaborate effectively. Large corporations often struggle to work with startups, which operate more agilely, have limited knowledge of compliance, minimal hierarchy, and little understanding of the corporate world. Despite these challenges, startups are vital partners for innovation. As a founder of numerous startups and a former executive and board member at large corporations, Ruud has an insider's perspective on both worlds. He provides actionable insights on how to foster collaboration without jeopardizing reputation, ensuring compliance, and maintaining corporate culture.

The State of AI

In this dynamic presentation, updated weekly to stay ahead of the curve, Ruud delves into the fast-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is Ruud's most sought-after talk, where he educates his audience on the origins, advancements, current landscape, and future proliferation of AI. Drawing from his extensive experience in technology and innovation, Ruud identifies potential opportunities tailored for your company or audience. But it's not all rosy; he also sheds light on the major threats posed by AI, including ethical dilemmas and data security concerns. Whether you're a startup or a large enterprise, this presentation offers a comprehensive overview and actionable insights into the world of AI.


"Ruud Hendriks was the first to be fully booked this time as well. With his rating of 8.2, he was the highest appreciatiated speaker by all attendees."


"For Ruud's session, chairs had to be added several times and the session room was overflowing. Ruud swept the audience, resulting in a super 8.5. a top 3 ranking in the list of the best speakers of this edition in Amsterdam."


"Ruud Hendriks was once again the highest rated speaker with a 9.4"


Kim van der Wel, PIM Online


"A beautiful inspiring speech by an entrepreneur with power! With an average score of 8, Ruud scored highest of all speakers. Also, in relative terms, it's high: accountants don't easily give an 8. As an organization, we were very satisfied with his contribution! "

Hans-Eric Vos
Senior Marketeer Marketing Commercial & Merchant Banking ABN-Amro

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