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I'm Hungry 

About the book

Is my business model correct? How do I find investors? How do I improve my product? How do I finance further growth? What should I pay attention to when hiring new employees? What strategic choices do I make?

In short practical chapters, Ruud Hendriks and Patrick de Zeeuw explain how a start-up company can grow faster and better today. They make clear how strict selection allows investors to limit their risks and increase their returns.

Ruud Hendriks and Patrick de Zeeuw are co-founders of Startupbootcamp Global, which accelerated over 1650 new high-tech startups thus far.

Note: Currently the book is only available in Dutch 


“Entrepreneurship is a way of life that continues day and night. If you feel you have the right qualities, this book will help you go down that long but fascinating path. ”

Joop van den Ende

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